Sunday, July 29, 2012

{ cacti }

In the midst of packing up to move this week/weekend we took a run to Lowe's, where I found these cute, and very cheap succulent cacti.  Andrew picked out 6 to go along with my 5.  We plan on planting them at some point and keeping them in our bathroom where it is nice and bright.  Of course I want to name them, but I did give Andrew the option to name his own.  He thinks I'm slightly crazy, naming everything ... anyways I got to name them all!!

These are mine,  they were all the beautiful ones.

These are Andrew's, they were all the most defined ones.

Lady + the Tramp

Beauty + The Beast

Jasmin + Prince Ali + Jafar

Snow White + The Huntsman

Cinderella + Prince Charming

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