Monday, May 07, 2012

life update

It has been a few days, maybe a week or so that I have not blogged any of my inspiration or design thoughts.  I mostly blog to share what design stuff I have been doing or thinking about.  I mostly do it for myself, but I know a few of you out there like to also know what I am doing from time to time.  

So...What have I been doing these last few days that I have not been able to blog?

Well there has been a lot of napping for a certain kitty

A lot of rainy days and thunderstorms <my favorite>

Celebratory flowers for a job offer!  Still waiting for a contract before I fully celebrate.

And a little more cuddling and knitting going on

This last weekend I also went shopping for some new shoes.
I loved the color!

And this afternoon I took a few pictures of all the foliage we've been getting from the rain -  more seen {on flickr}

Andrew and I have also been starting to apartment shop, which is just as time consuming and frustrating as job searching.  Tomorrow over lunch we are going to look at a place.  Hopefully things will start falling into place!

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