Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day and Hemlocks

It has been almost a week since Mother's Day.  What a wonderful day to tell our moms how much we love them!  I made a couple of cards and and started a Hemlock blanket for my mom, weeks if not a month+  ago.  I like knitting for fun, but it can be pretty time consuming, as I found on this hemlock blanket.  I attempted to knit on the 6 hour car ride to my parents house but didn't finish in time.  I had finished just-in-time to wash, block it and snap a few photos before jumping back in the car for another 6 hours for my FIRST DAY OF MY NEW JOB Monday morning.  My mom waited 2 days for it to dry before throwing it over the couch.  For details on the hemlock patterns see the links at the end of the post.

My first week of work was great, but at night I was so exhausted.  I'm still getting in the groove of 45 minutes of traffic, but I'm lucky to have found a design related 8-4:30 job!  Unfortunately I also discovered my car needs a new radiator this weekend, and we've been busy getting things set up to get it fixed.  After 10 hours of Andrew working at it, it's all new!  I'm lucky also to have a boyfriend that enjoys working on cars.

Hopefully, as I get settled in with work stuff I will be able to juggle my blog and apartment hunting a lot better than I have the past week.  Here are the photos from the process of my cards and blanket.

Custom Stamp set.  I use this more than anything.

My messy work station

I didn't have a square envelope so I made some special ones

I fastened them together with an eyelet and they opened in opposite directions

The beginning of the hemlock

The start of the fan and feather chart

My first attempt at blocking

My mom took an after shot on her ipad so I could see my hard work.

Thanks to these websites I was able to knit my very first Hemlock Doily Throw.  I was very happy how it turned out, and am excited to make another, but bigger.

Hemlock + Fan/Feather chart

Brooklyntweed: The Hemlock Ring Blanket

The Rainy Sisters <The PDF for the Hemlock pattern>

The Fan + Feather Chart

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