Sunday, September 09, 2012

{ island adventures }

Last weekend Andrew + I finally made it up to the boundary waters for some camping.  We had great weather, zero bugs, access to a kayak, lots of fire wood, and great opportunities for some photos. Afterwards we talked about how peaceful and relaxing it was.  We might just make Bear Head Lake an annual travel destination for us.  All the photos from the lake and our day trip around the lake are here on my flickr page

{ Sneak Peek }

 This is Einstein.  He had a girlfriend Greta.  They were very friendly and bold.  I fed them gram-crackers, marshmallows and some water.  Einstein tried to carry away an entire gram-cracker at once, it was pretty hilarious watching him drag something twice as big as him through the leaves.

This was the view from our picnic on an island.

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