Sunday, September 23, 2012

{ Louis }

Andrew and I adopted a furry little kitten this weekend. We were trying to come up with a cool name to give him after we went to visit him Tuesday night.  One of my favorite architects is Louis Kahn, and one of Andrew's is Peter Zumthor.  Louis  vs. Thor.
After thinking about it, his name is now Louis (pronounced Louie).  I decided his full name should be Louis Peter Van der Rohe.  Mies Van der Rohe is also a famous architect.  He went to the shelter as a stray and was very frightened.  After spending some time with him at the shelter we both thought he would have good potential to be a loving cat with a little TLC.  Yesterday we brought him home, and I spent the whole day in his room with him (temporary the bathroom till he gets adjusted).  This morning I sat down and he came purring out of his bed and up onto my lap.  He is very loving and purrs just by looking at you.  We got a great kitten!

 Below are some photos and the last two are videos I took of him on my new iphone.

Louis on his way home from the Animal Shelter.  He was very scared.

IMG_0020 a video by photo.catalyst on Flickr.

IMG_0021 a video by photo.catalyst on Flickr.

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