Thursday, April 05, 2012

inspiration {do it myself}

When I'm bored I always go on Pinterest and get lost for hours at a time.  I don't have an account yet, so when I find something I like <projects, food, knitting, home + garden> I save it into a bookmark on my Ipad.  Well as Andrew pointed out, I have many files, in files of things that I have saved for myself. This week I have decided to share the nifty ones I have collected. Some day I hope to dabble in most of these DIY projects. 

< while working on this post I was finally excepted into Pinterest - how ironic  >  {tutorial easy tiny envelopes}  {random reflections quilt}  {unkle giac and unkle glen shelving}  {diy moleskine scrapbook}  {mason jar sewing kit} {lace paper envelope}  {tea-and-crumpets apron}  {light bulb vase}  {Lee Gainer}  {pin tucked duvet cover}  {decorating with clocks}  {reused sweater bag}  {DIY tufted headboard}  {magazine art bowl}

The magazine art bowl is my favorite!

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