Monday, April 16, 2012

inspiration + project {rainy day knitting}

I recently came across a beautiful crochet doily blanket that I want to learn how to do.  I have only taught myself simple knitting so far and wondered if there was a knitted doily blanket out there on the web.  To my luck I found an amazing looking throw blanket.  I was so excited about the pattern I found, I started practicing with some leftover bulky yarn and circular needles. I had to do some research on how to get the center started < I learned how to knit with double pointed needles. >  I also worked out how to knit open holes.  I was so excited on how it was turning out I went to get some yarn and the right sized needles this weekend.  Since the last couple of days have been rainy, I've been really enjoying snuggling with tucker and knitting away.

{ Inspiration }

Crochet Doily Blanket {willow} via

{ Project }

The Hemlock Ring Blanket via

{ Progress }

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