Tuesday, April 10, 2012

project {wild curiosity}

{ I recently have been seeking employment for a design opportunity.  As apart of an application I received a project task.  This was by far the most creative and interesting job application I have participated in. }

{ Using a standard, 27-frame disposable camera, demonstrate your wild curiosity }

As all my design projects start, I had mounds of ideas rushing through my head.  I created a mood board on paper but wanted to make a copy of it for my blog.

As most design thinkers and doers know, design goes around in an infinity loop .  It wasn't until the last minute I decided what I was going to do.  I'm slowly reading a typography book and wanted to try out what I have learned and then create a graphic using what I found "out in the real world".

My project
{ I took pictures of typography + design that I thought were nifty or had something stand out with the disposable camera.  I went through each one, and wrote down what worked  <ex. alignment, color, scale, tracking> and then linked them all together in one way or another.  Using Illustrator I documented  a thumbnail of the typography graphics and a line linking them to their descriptive forms.  Here is the graphic }

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