Saturday, March 17, 2012

inspiration {singing frogs}

This week I decided to travel home for my dad's birthday.  He turned 48 but for some reason I keep thinking he's 58, since everyone I know has older parents. Well it just so happens that for his birthday this year, we have had an early spring, or summer - I'm not sure what season it is outside.  Today it was 80, along with a high string of 70's this last week. Because of the weather all the buds are starting to come out {the rose bushes, tulips, trees, chives, cherry tree, mint and the over growing ivy throughout our rock walls.}  

My parents live in a log cabin on 3 acres of wooded lot with a retention pond at the bottom.  In the summer the frogs croak at night, and it's really quite pleasant to listen to them with the cool breeze coming in the window as you sleep.  This season they seem a little confused and have non-stop croaked day and night very loudly! I still find it very refreshing to listen to at night, and it's a great change from cars and people outside in the city.  Let's not even mention the star gazing potential at home.

As the sun was setting this evening I took a little video of one off the side of our deck in the front yard + a few pictures.


my first attempt at HDR photos

I love the soft sunset colors

I discovered a massive spider web!

you can see it better here. it's about 20 yards from the deck and 3-4 yards wide/tall

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