Friday, March 02, 2012

one year in south korea

Recently Andrew + I have been talking about making a giant {and probably very expensive} book of our time in Korea.  Most of you know already Andrew + I spent the last year being English teachers in a small town called Jinyeong.  It has been 4 months since we have returned, but it literally seems like a month ago.  We miss our Korean family and friends more than anything and our lifestyle of living together {although it was very small} and some Korean food like shabu shabu, san-gi-tal, + bo-kimbop.  If your more interested Andrew + I both did blogs while in Korea depicting our way of life, travels, teaching, etc.   {My blog}    {Andrew's Blog} 

As a going away gift to our Korean family {Kang, Choi, Xavier, William, + Henry} Andrew + I put together a few of our photos to make a book of the places + things we did together.  We wrapped it up and gave it to them as we sat down for our final meal before they took us to the airport to leave the country.  Since returning we both let our final trip to Jeju Island fall to the back burner - Andrew starting a new job, me making a portfolio and trying to find one myself.  But as I mentioned there has been new talks of revamping + making a new book.  I initially got very excited and wanted to start planning.  I enjoy designing Blurb books and wish someone would just hire me to make them all the time. I started sketching layout and design ideas, then remembered I hadn't finished editing my Jeju Island photos yet.  So the last two days, I powered through them and made a little icon palette using one picture for every set I uploaded of the last year, while in Korea. 35 sets > 35 thumbnails as a tribute of all our memories.  Needless to say I am putting "make a Korea book" on my list of projects.

Here are my final flickr sets: {lava tubes} {seogwipo falls} {sunrise peak} {lava rocks} + {collection: Korea}   

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