Thursday, March 01, 2012

where to start

I recently became really inspired to continue my blog from Korea, but didn't want to use the same one.  Blogger makes it easy to have more than one blog using the same name and what not. Last week I went through all the design templates and fonts and uploaded my portfolio cover for my background and got everything ready.  And now I've just been procrastinating because I wanted to document all of the design things I've been doing for the last 3 months, while unemployed. But I haven't so I decided today is the day I just start from fresh.  Someday I may add a photo or two of projects I have accomplished. But today is a new day.

This week I have done a little card exploration.  The photos I took weren't the best, using my IPad, but you get the gist.

The Thank You card is for a graphic designer that agreed to meet with me last Saturday morning for an informational interview.  She was very nice and down to earth.  She answered all of my questions and gave me some great perspective as to the graphic design industry and where I should start.  I asked her to meet with me because I feel we share a lot of the same tastes and hobbies.     Here is her website - l belle

After helping shovel some very wet and heavy snow yesterday, Andrew's mom Vicki, and I went to Archiver's to use some coupons.  I got some really pretty paper to make some cards with and a stamp set "hello friend" that I am very excited to put to use.

The newly fresh snow was really inspiring.  Unfortunately I loaned my zoom lens out this same morning, but still captured how peaceful and heavy everything was after the loud windy ice-storm the night before. 

I feel this is a good start to my new blog. I have many projects I'm currently doing, but I can't give them all away just yet.

Happy March
- Manda Sue

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