Sunday, March 18, 2012

project {renovated pants}

I've been dying to renovate a few pairs of my pants.  I bought a black pair of very comfy light weight cotton jeans from Korea. But in Korea it is not common to have a dryer to dry your clothes - you must hang them up in your apartment to air dry.  This +  I never wanted to wash my clothes, ended in my pants stretching out.  And now that I am back in the States I can't seem to dry them enough in hopes that they will shrink to a smaller size.  

Keep in mind these are my favorite pants and only cost 3 US dollars and every time I wear them Andrew looks at me like "don't you have any other pants that will fit you?" - And so I am left with having to experiment on my favorite pants and hope that I can successfully take them in all by myself.  I did google/youtube for some help.

first I organized and cleaned out my mom's sewing kits {and junk} of 25 years to procrastinate time

Based on my youtube research:
I      {put your pants on inside out}
II     {with white chalk, mark where you want the new seam to be}
III    {using a ruler and a good eye of symmetry connect the lines into one continuous white line that you will follow when sewing}
IV   {pin the top and bottom of the leg fabric, making sure it's flat with no wrinkles **and that the crotch seams line up}

You are now ready to start sewing!

I introduce the "Dressmaker" my mom's trusty cast iron sewing machine, which I will steal from her someday when I have somewhere to put it.  The hardest part is when I don't use it for an extended period, I need to re-learn how to thread it.

When sewing:     {I also learned you can sew over your pins and remove them later}
I      {make sure your new seam is overlapping the old one, and is double stitched - front, back, front - at the ends and over the crotch seam}
II     {when done with a single tight stitch do a second round but about 3/8ths from the first one. The second one should be a loose wide stitch to hold the two fabrics together. *if confused just mimic what your existing pants look like}
III    {then cut the remainder of the fabric off so you don't have bunching inside when you wear them *you may want to do this after you have tried them on and decided to keep the new sewn marks}
IV   {turn them right side out and wear them}

I also attempted a new hem at the ankle cutting about 4 inches off, but it looks horrible- haha. Lucky for me these are black pants and tightly fitted so it's not noticeable.

I realized as I was getting my photos together I didn't take any of the sewing process and decided to get a final shot.

What a surprise! Taking your own photo without looking through a viewfinder or being able to adjust any settings, and being mostly in the dark.  But it does it's job and shows how nice they fit now!


  1. Ohhh, looking good! Can I send you mine for alterations?!

  2. Yes! But I won't send them back to you :) I could use another pair.