Friday, March 23, 2012

inspiration {spring & color}

The end of the week has come!  This week has snuck by me.  I have been working on a new project but it is not ready for turnover yet.  I have been teaching myself color theory.

Many of you may think {what more is there to know than "Roy G. Biv"?}

There is tons more! I've been researching the basics and how to apply it to graphics.  I've learned the difference in the technical terms of color theory. I've expanded my knowledge of how to use Photoshop color picker. I've had a few new ideas of color for my blog. And to make it even more fun I am developing a few graphics as reminders for myself & to put what I learned into good use  - {Learn  Apply  Execute Critique - Execute Critique - EC...}  Say "execute critique" 5x.  This was basically our studio regiment with a little inspiration, lists of deliverables, and all-nighters thrown in there.

So next week I will be spending one more week at home and will have lots of time to finish up my own list of deliverables for color theory.  On top of that I've added another project to my list. I want to create my own handwriting font.  I've found a few websites that explain how to do it.  I'm quite excited about it.

In addition I have taken some photos of the sprouting greens outside!
Consider this my inspiration for the week {flickr set < sprouts of spring}

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